What is Acid Washing

With our great climate, beautiful water, sunlight, and warm summer days, how lucky are you to have a pool In Arizona. Of course having the elements and exposure to the sun adds complexity to pool care. Many people neglect pools for repeated periods of time and others multiple days or weeks in a row.


Swimming Pool Filter Service And Repair A new filter may be in order if your current filter is outdated (15 – 20 yrs old) and difficult to use or get parts for. If the filter tank has cracked a new filter is in order.

3 main types of swimming pool filters,

  • Sand – The bullet proof filter
  • Cartridge – The economic low maintenance filter.
  • DE – The water polisher.

Pool Spa Heater Repair Swimming pool heaters can be the most complicated of pool equipment on your pool. Making repairs to pool heaters should be performed by qualified professional. 

Some people will argue that a pool heater is simply a waste of money, because the sun can and will heat your pool. While it is true that the sun can heat your pool water to 80+ degrees during the summer, having a pool heater will allow you to expand